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now,, countdown for PMR :) okayy,, maybe a scary(?) momment for them but isn't it amazing? kay, I've no idea._. me,, first batch PBS and first batch PBSMR(?) -.- uhh,, that's a bit annoying-.- and asna is last batch PMR :) ahh,, actually for this entry, I just want wish for asna asyikin bt mohd daud :3

just a few days PMR will begin right? and,, 98liner masing-masing tengah busy niy._. luckily, minggu ni saya dapat balik \(^o^)/ jadual f3 skolah saya seriously padat gilaa-.- baru tengok orang lain-.- next year, camana lah hidup aku nanti=.= banyak sangat khabar angin untuk kemungkinan next year-.- wahh,, nightmare aku setiap malam tauu?=.="

- Next year our examination called PBSMR -.-
- Kusissian batch19 will stay at hostel for 3months -.-
- one subject for one week and we have 12subject for all including sivik, seni and PJK
- no objective for all paper. only subjective.
- we need success for PBS , exam and our attitude. all of them are recod for 3years.

kay, back to topic._. saya agak jeless dengan 98liner niyh-.- apabolleybuad :\ itu semua ujian hidup:')

for Asna,,
Good Luck, sis! you ondewayy to end your journey for 3years:) Keep strong and remember,, "Rome was not built in a day" do your best dan jgn lupaa berdoa :) jaga hati parents, friends, family and teacher! minta maaf dan minta mereka redha dgn semua yg asna penah buad,, insyaallah,, hati tenang time jawab:)  hihi. kite doakan asna dapat straight A okay. be a good daughter yaa .

hee tu ja lahh kot._. tak tahu nak cakap apa lagi. Liyana undur diri. Ppyong~!

spirit fromm byun baekhyun~ fighting!