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Komikk :3

Liyana dah habis comic Cutie Boy niy xD hikhikk :3

Suh Yoo Min ( hero ) tuh flower boy , ketua gangster , selalu mencarut , gila maybe xD

Hikhik xD itu character favourite aku ! :3 kuiikuii <3
Ada satu part, Hanah ( heroin ) nya suruh janji tak kan mencarut for a week. Yoo min tu tetap tunaikan janji tapi lemahh gila :3
Bila mereka jumpa kat cafe yg selalu diorang jumpe tuh, hannah terkejut and ada insiden(?) berlaku xD uhuhu sebelum niy dia mencarut simbolnya ***** jehh tapi time tuh xxxxxx ! Kihkihh :3 ku rasa comell je dia tuh xD *what's wrong with me xD*

I had no idea but aku rasa dia awesome lol :3 poyo tough tapi sweet gila sebenarnya xD Aww aww :3 so cute siaa xD

Kay, ai seru bacalah manga niy. Online ada maa. Mahu install android pon ada xD ai install xD tuh yg menggila :3 ihikhikk.

Kay bye :)