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The Talking Diary
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Welcome to this lame blog :)
keep in touch and do give opinion or advice to me
Thankyou .
do as you like , it's doesnt matter at all . cbox at Tell me section :)

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Assalamualaikum :D

hee ^w^  Liyana ada tips untuk buat surat , email atau note kepada rakan untuk memberi nasihat . don't want to talk much -.- I start my writing :3


Dear xxxx
- Having read your problems in
- I was sorry to read about your problems
- I understand how you are and ...
- I was in the same situation you are a few ago .

[main body]
- It would/might be a good idea to ....
- I strongly advice you to / not to ...
- first of all , it's very important you do not argue .....
- I think you should tell them that
- The best thing for you to do is .....

- to sum up / summing up
- to conclude / concluding
- Finally, I'm sure that if you follow my advice, you will see that everything will work out

[Greeting closer *before signature ]
- Goodluck
- Cheers
- Take care
- Till next time
- Peace,
- Warmly

- Sincerely
- best wishes
- warm wishes
- thank you
- respectfully yours

*family / someone closed
- xoxo
- yours
- hugs
- kisess
- till soon
- write soon
- love

- love always
- yours forever
- affectionately yours
- patiently yours

   name and surename

finished ^o^ ohoho
keep in touch ! Ppyong ~!