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Assalamualakum .

hm . cuti sekolah selalunya tak berapa bermakna untuk aku melainkan nikmat tidur , online dan berehat . haha . last year ni pun masih dapat menikmati nikmat cuti sekolah yang common sangat dilakukan dirumah dan cuti ni pun liyana rasa dipenuhi dengan spongebob dan fairly odd parents dalam schedule . lol . tak sedar diri dah sixteen tapi still layan cartoon . haha .

Last month mom dropped me at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town , Puteri Harbour , Johor  . hehe . guess what , finally I can meet my dreamed boyfriend you know . haha . as The Little Big Club also in the same building , so mom bought us 2passes for we spending a whole day . tbh, it's really seem kinda childish but that's just like dream for me to see them in front of my eyes . lol .

Hello Kitty wanna be a singer but she's too shy and not confident of herself but Daniel always support her to become a famous singer . lol . that's my guy . hehe

there, we can do 6 activities ; decorating button batch , baking , costume shoot , making necklace , visit kitty's replica house and doing mission . haha . i think it's more suitable for kids than me . haha . for sure . and did you remember Bob The Builder , Pingu , Thomas and his friends and Angelina Ballerina ? lol .  I'm used to watch these cartoons a lot in childhood :') haha . even I don't understand what they talking about but I'm always think that Bob is a nice guy , Pingu is funny and naughty , Angelina is brilliant . haha . I'm watching Thomas at chn 611 so he's talking in Malay and I respect him a lot . lol . I like that jerk James too actually . haha

final show and goodbye stage . haha . melody came out this time!

this also the last stage at Little Big Club :) 

seriously , the best part for me when watching all the shows . haha . it's been a while I'm not watching Barney and friends but that day just remind me when I'm shouting alone in front of the tv when barney ask me to do so . haha . It's fun when we can meet them out from the tv . lol

xoxo, kbyee .