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this post maybe got some biased , sorry for that. 

"Sokay , aku dah ada batch baru :) "

lol. tu ayat yang keluar dari mulut aku time hagu tempohari bila diorang tangkap gambar batch on stage. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. aku tak sure if kenyataan tu memang keluar dari hati aku sendiri or nah . ugh , i'm not so sure . lol . aku n eyka just duduk kat bawah menjadi pemerhati like they're completely stranger to us, lol . btw , nice job gais :)

tbvh , i'm not really in a good mood to throwback or anything else but maybe some yeah . 
First at all ,
Thanks goodness for giving me chance to meet them once again when hagu lately . maybe that's really the last time ; we don't know . Glad to say that was one of my best day , guys. Finally I got to see the all nanny there . haha .

I've spent my time mostly with umie ; theonewhoreallyhardtopersuadeforhangoutevenI'dtriedfor5yearsalreadyandit'salljustauseless . lol . don't know how to survive , afraid there's pedhophiles or whatever statement she will give and I feel sick of that , haha . that's my umie . then I've met Azizah to make a fool with her. kawan lama babe . haha , it's so funny to remember that jijah is my friend from elementry school which I never want to talk with her . but when firstday she's entered the school , I've greeted her cheerfully like we're really closed back then . lol . that day was really a short time for me to be with them .

"I think this entry better to be appreciation entry to make it shorter right. lol"

3years is too short for me to get closer with all of xix members even just the girls but just who cares with those awkward conversation or whatever as we still can be friend . even banyak pemikiran yang bercanggah , preference semua berbeza but it still great that we still can show our teamwork . lol . memang time form one dulu noob gila dengan masing-masing racist by kelas. heh . naik form two terpaksa kawan dengan semua orang. dulu budak kelas 1Takwa yang memang invisible di mata aku tibatiba kena jadi classmate really makes me feel uneasy at first but Allah's planning always perfect right . aku dapat sembang dengan tyra , piqa , aimi and get to know mady which is my favourite one. lol. taksangka jugak aku akhirnya bercakap dengan najlaa and pikali yang memang bukan jenis orang yang aku akan approached tu . lol . time tu baru la rasa passsionate nak kenal batchmate yang lain. he .

bila naik form three , aku dah mula berlagak macam tu senior year aku kat situ . hahahahahaha . I was thinking to write about it later on I got really great dormmate , classmate and soulmate , lol .  and by the end of the year I'm repeatedly dream weird thing which my friend slowly saying good bye to me . haha . one week before school session for 2014 end , I dreamt about Aisyah woke me up to say her last goodbye to me . then when december approached , ijot showed up in my dream to get a turn for leaving . hahahahahahaha. I've been mentalbreakdown when I heard the news that both of them will not be with us even for a day in new year . ugh .  it also so heartbreaking when ijot came to school for settled down her things but I couldn't manage to see her as we got PSI class . and I never see her anymore since that day :')

well, #HNBD to all xix . thanks for brighten my day once upon a time and goodluck for spm this year guys . I've doing kinda great here with my new batchmates as well . Mair , if you reading this make sure you keep your promise to iftar by this end of month okay . you broke your promise for million times already . lol

fi hifzillah :)